For us PT PEL, safety is not just a requierment. This is an integral part of our culture. Work safety is most valuable part of our company, our people,and their families 

We belive that woork safety is very important in the daily operations of all personnel (including subcontractors, suppliers and vendors as well as guest). The  standard operating procedure of the SHE is a reference for the implementation of work safety that is continually carried of repairs and evaluations, and is corrected to lead to safety standards that are far more good. Everyone in the work area responbility to maintain the safety of themselves and their colleagues with great care. This goal is very important for the welfare of all employees in our company and also the implementation of our work efficiently. PT PEL is committed to the implementation and belief that Ocupational Safety is a Life Attitude and Life View.  Work Safety is the attitude of life and outlook on life.

Work safety plays an importatant role in completing our activities succesfully. With this commitment, we strive to ensure that no one works in our environment in conditions that are unsafe or harmful to their health. We carry out an active and comprehensive accident prevention policy on all of our operations. We also collaborate  with our partners to archieve the goal of Zero Accident cooperation is our top priority