World-class multi-user facilities, Pelindo Shorebase is designed and built to provide integrated support services and facilities for the very specific needs of the Oil and Gas industry in Indonesia. We operate with the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).


Here are some shorebase processes:


   1. Around / exploring the area

   2.Shipping and maarine services

   3. Terminal services

   4. Integrated services


Shorebase Sites
  -OML Gresik
  -Terminal Mirah
  -Tanjung Wangi
  -Celukan Bawang
  -Tenau Kupang


  -Gresik Shorebase Terminal
  -Mirah Shorebase Terminal
  -Tanjung Wangi Shorebase Terminal
Fuel Business Unit

Fuel Business Unit

LNG Business Unit

LNG Business Unit