PT Pelindo Energi Logistik (PT PEL) was established in Surabaya in 2014 as a company engaged in logistics in the fields of Gas, Fuel Oil (BBM) and Waste Management as a performance support in the environment of PT Pelindo III Group. PT PEL is a subsidiary of PT Pelindo Marine Service which is part of PT Pelindo III Group engaged in energy logistics.

PT PEL has developed its business by implementing a business model that is synergy-based and diversified in two business segments, consisting of Gas and BBM and is under development towards the Waste Management business. With a diverse business, PT PEL has touched on various aspects of the needs of PT Pelindo III Group through the products and services produced. Companies in Indonesia always need and use various kinds of energy to operate their performance. Business people as partners utilize various energy such as Gas and BBM from PT PEL.

Our business operations are currently centered on Benoa for Gas (LNG), while BBM is supported by reliable employees at the locations of Surabaya, Semarang and Benoa.


Become a reliable Logistics and Energy service provider in all regions of Indonesia.


- Guaranteeing Logistics and Energy services that are      committed to work safety.

- Creating a supply chain for Logistics and Energy that gives added value to customers.

- Cultivate the use of environmentally friendly energy.


Values & Culture

Company Culture

Our corporate culture is AGILE which has agile meaning and is swift at work, AGILE is also an acronym for:


Always give amazing performance.


Continue to develop yourself to become big.


Able to work together to improve company performance.


Have high company loyalty.


Always give enlightenment.


ISO 9001

International standards in the field of quality management systems.

ISO 14001

International standards in the field of environmental management systems.

OHSAS 18001

International standards in the field of health and safety management systems.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001